Beautiful Fall Wedding Flowers

I have experience designing flowers, so I wanted to make them for my wedding. I searched around and had the best prices on what I wanted to order. I also liked that they had the pre-mixed centerpieces so that I would not have to over buy to get a nice mix. Most of the flowers arrived on time (I ordered seeded eucalyptus that was held up in South America), and the remaining flowers were delivered very early the next morning. They were all fresh and beautiful when I took them out of the boxes. I put them all in water buckets and waited for them to open up. The next day, they were open and ready to arrange! I got so many compliments! There was only one issue with the centerpieces. The centerpieces included solidago, which is naturally yellow. When I received them, the growers had sprayed them red to compensate the fact that they had to use green hypericum berries. I was not happy with this, so I contacted customer service. They had me text pictures to them, and they agreed to refund me a partial amount of my money to source the solidago locally to replace the sprayed ones in my centerpieces. I was very happy with this arrangement. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the amount I needed locally, but I appreciate that made the effort to remedy the situation. Over all, I would recommend to anyone!

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