Beautiful DIY Wedding Flowers!

We wanted a beautiful wedding, but we were on a tight budget. As we researched, \"DIY Brides\" was a regular web search for us. On many wedding blogs, we saw FiftyFlowers referred to with high praise. My daughter and I decided on the look we wanted by emailing photos back and forth. I know I spent what felt like weeks online researching every wedding website possible. We settled on a design and made a prototype using silk flowers from Michaels. This enabled us to know how many flowers we needed to order. We ordered about 4 weeks before the wedding with our hearts in our throats. This was honestly the most stressful part of the wedding just wondering if we could pull it off. Two days before the wedding the flowers arrived exactly as we were told. We followed FiftyFlowers directions to a tee. I had bought 14 buckets from Lowe\'s to use to hydrate the flowers. The next day all the bridesmaids, aunts, friends, and grandmothers assembled at our house. I had all the vases prepped with oasis, tools handy, and all other floral design necessities at hand. Being organized, it went fairly fast. We worked from 10-3 with a sumptuous lunch break which was brought in so we could keep working. We had a great time! We made 7 bridesmaid\'s bouquets, the Bridal bouquet, 9 bouts, 20 centerpieces and three other large arrangements for tables. A friend came and got all the leftover flowers and had enough to fashion three beautiful arrangements, in oasis cages, for the arbor at the wedding sight. Before I went to bed, I watered all the vases again to make sure the flowers stayed hydrated. We transported the flowers the next day to the venue where they made a stunning sight. We would do this again in a heartbeat. It was fun and much easier because of all the help we had. I have one more daughter to marry off, so I will be ordering again!

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