Beautiful Bouquets!!

I had decided to make my own wedding bouquets to save money once I found that the bride's bouquet could start at $300! I researched online how to make a bouquet and looked at multiple DIY options. A local vendor in Ohio even had a DIY option but I chose Fifty Flowers because of the price and all of the great reviews I read and their commitment to the customer. They guaranteed their flowers would be replaced or refunded if they were unusable. Once I decided on the flowers I wanted I did make my own "trial run" bouquet at home before ordering. I knew I wanted simple flowers that were beautiful on their own and for me that was the calla lilies. I purchased the 100 calla lilies and made a bride’s bouquet, 3 bridesmaids, 3 groomsmen, 2 mom bouquets, one grandmother bouquet, 2 boutonnieres and 2 bouquets for our friends helping. It was nice that Fifty Flowers called me to confirm everything was correct once I placed my order. Before my wedding I needed to change the address and that was simple enough when I called them. I received a text message when the flowers were out for delivery and when they delivered. All of the flowers looked great, I think I was one lily short but none were broken or damaged. We made all of the arrangements the night before and put them in an inch of water and they were perfect the day of my wedding. If you have a smaller wedding party like me, this is definitely the way to go.

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