Awesome Super Hero Wedding!

This is my second time using Fifty Flowers, andI couldn't be happier! 16 months ago I created a beautiful beach wedding for my daughter, Emily. Her Maid of Honor, Megan, loved the flowers so much that she asked if I would be willing to her flowers when she got married, well, that day came on Sept. 16, 2012. The bride originally wanted the white anemones with black centers, which we learned from you, are not in season right now. Thank God you convinced me to also order the centerpiece with height package in white to go along with the original order of red gerbers, yellow craspedia billy balls and the white ranunculus!!! I wound up using the white Lisianthus from that package, sticking a small black pompom in the center of them, and they looked like Anemones!! For her Bridesmaids, Meg wanted the girls to carry a bouquet of red gerberas. At first I struggled to arrange them in my hands to get a global shape... that was until I eyed those green straws, which I had just removed from the flowers. I cut myself 9 two inch pieces. Then I laid the pieces down on a long strip of duct tape which I proceeded to roll up, so that the end looked like a honey comb. (I will post a picture of this!) Now I had something to hold in my hand and feed the gerbers down into the straws, starting with the flattest one in the center straw and working the others in around them. It worked great. This held them in place; I was able to slide the flowers up and down and get a good fit, and then I wrapped the honey comb fitting with floral tape, snug enough to hold them in place, but not enough to squish the stem! This I covered in an aqua ribbon. Thanks again for helping me creating another beautiful wedding! My next will be an Arizona wedding in November 2013 for my nephew and I will be giving you a call!

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