August Wedding

I wanted to do my own flowers for my wedding. I knew I wanted a lot of flowers but I did not want to pay the florist price. Fifty Flowers allowed me to use a reasonable amount of money and totally deck out my venue in flowers. Everything came out so perfectly. The flowers were in great condition upon arrival. I had a team of ladies lined up to help. We were able to make so many things. The bridal party bouquets turned out exactly how I imagined. I ended up getting a little extra greenery from the grocery store to help with the large arrangements and corsages. I had so many flowers, we ended up making two giant arrangements for the ceremony that we had not planned on. The flowers arrived Wednesday and Thursday and today(Monday) they still look beautiful. The quality of these flowers was just amazing.
All the included pictures are just from phones, I cant wait to see how the photographers photos come out. I couldn't wait to write these reviews, I wanted to share how great this option is even without having my professional photos ready. Any bride who loves flowers, I encourage you to consider this option. With a little planning and practice, doing your own flowers is totally achievable.

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