Ashley and Aaron's Vineyard Photoshoot

My daughter, Ashleys wedding consisted of a prewedding photoshoot at a vineyard in Plymouth, Ca (Sacramento area) and a wedding at the San Francisco Civic building the following day. I planned to make a bridal bouquet for each seperate event and was incredibly nervous (to say the least) but after watching several youtube videos, I knew that it wasnt that difficult to do. We wanted the focal flowers to be coral peonies and were delighted to find that we could order them (from Fifty flowers) even in the middle of summer when they are impossible to find.On Monday, I went to a local flower mart and bought the filler flowers which consisted of white freesia, white wax flowers, coral hypericum berries, cream and pink roses, green hydrangea, queen annes lace (for a memory from my childhood), purple lisianthus (opened and closed blooms with greens), and green leaves. Tuesday, the peonies were delivered and I made the two bouquets. I made them huge and stuffed with gorgeous flowers of different textures, sizes and colors (coral, pink, white and cream, purple and greens). I refrigerated them (took out the apples and vegies)overnight. The photoshoot was 3 hours on Wednesday, and I used the second identical bouquet for the actual ceremony in San Francisco on Thursday. The peonies only lasted for 3 days total before completely opening up and falling apart, but it was 100% worth it. They were amazingly gorgeous and added so much to the wedding and pictures. They were even more beautiful than I had hoped for. A big thank you to "fifty flowers" for providing such outstanding flowers and having such great customer service. Thanks for making my daughters wedding so special.....It made up for her new mother in law throwing a tantrum right before the wedding ceremony...... ;)

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