Ashlee and J-P stunning wedding flowers

When I first decided to do my daughter's wedding flowers, my friends and family thought I was crazy. I watched a zillion u tube videos, and another daughter took a floral class in Chicago, and we were ready to go. I was determined to design the flowers as it was going to save costs for the wedding. Although I am not a florist, I figured I could accomplish a wedding. It was a lot of work, and I would do it again as I have three daughters, so I have two more weddings to play florist. When I first asked my daughter if I could do her flowers, she was hesitant but agreed to hand it over to me. As the big day approached we discussed floral colors and I was first suggesting burgundy, oranges and yellows the traditional fall color scheme. Well she does not like oranges and yellow, and the girls dresses were a cranberry. I then suggested burgundy and peach,,,,,,,well that was a definite no. Her next comment was, can I have pink in my flowers? So after a zillion color combinations and flowers combinations from the fifty flower site on my own, I called Fifty Flowers and spoke to Violet. She was so excited to work with me and so excited when I told her my color stories. So on our consultation, we were on line and on the phone and she just started suggesting different colors and a variety of flowers. Once I saw the flowers all together in my cart, I was so excited to see them and order them for the big day. Ashlee could not see the bigger color picture, but she trusted Violet and me. The flowers arrived over 2 days and we had over 35 Home Depot buckets filled with flowers on my back porch. It was a little crazy, but beautiful. We did all the arranging for the reception(10 tall and 10 short centerpieces, as well as 3 bar, & 2 bathroom arrangements) at the reception site on Thursday. Friday, Kelsey made the hand tied bridal bouquets. We also made all the gap centerpieces, the church flowers, the candle rings for the church as well as the pew flowers.Thank goodness we remembered the throw away bouquet. We had others doing the boutonnieres with our guidance, and the corsages. I will admit it was a lot of work, but with the money I spent, our flowers looked like I spent at least 3-4 times that amount. Everyone loved the flowers at the wedding, church, the gap event, and the reception. I cannot thank FIfty Flowers enough as well as Violet for the guidance to pick out the flowers and give me the confidence to pull this off. I am by no means a florist but anyone can be a floral designer as nature does the rest and every flower is beautiful. We even had enough flowers and greenery left over after the wedding to make several arrangements for a local nursing home who really enjoyed them. I will certainly use fifty flowers in the future for all my floral needs. The flowers were top notch quality as well as the greens. The colors were vibrant and beautiful. Every flower was available and I even got a discount as Violet suggested I order one flower that was on sale at 10% off at a different time from when I placed my full order, so I ordered burgundy dianthus separately and they were stunning and opened up beautifully. All the flowers took my breath away and never in my life had I seen such an array of flowers and colors in one location at any one given time. Thank you so much.

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