April Wedding in Buffalo

Picking out flowers was near the bottom of my list of wedding planning tasks I was excited about. I was surprised that I ended up enjoying it as much as I did. It was very convenient in that I didn't have to take off work to go visit a vendor, and I received the advice I didn't know I needed while still having a lot of control over the decisions and creative arranging.
When I chatted with my Fifty Flowers representative, I had a clear aesthetic in mind, but knew very little else about flowers. She filled me in on all of the characteristics of the flowers, how to care for them, work with them, and what to expect for my late April wedding.
The worksheet breaking down the quantities that she provided for me was really helpful in wrapping my brain around what I would need. I decided to modify the recommendation and went with 100 roses instead of 200 roses and added in some fun berries that I fell in love with for more texture variety. This allowed me to get everything I desired without going over my modest budget.
Everything was delivered as expected a few days before the wedding. My bridesmaids and brother-in law's girlfriend helped me unwrap all packages and put together bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. I started to get excited. My apartment was completely covered in beautiful blooms and greenery. The fun part was adding my own sentimental bits and pieces. I added pussy-willow branches, which are associated with the Polish Dyngus Day holiday that I purchased locally at an Easter Market the previous weekend. Trimmings from my jade plants were added in to my husband's boutonniere. I added long trails of pathos leaves to my bouquet.
I enjoyed decorating the cake myself the morning of the wedding while we ate breakfast. My bridesmaids and I helped each other add flowers to our hair. It ended up being a nice creative, organic part to the day because we had access to all the flowers while getting ready before the venue was decorated.
I had a team of 5 friends help decorate the venue for us while we did first-look and bridal party photos. I gave them instructions with priorities of what to decorate first in case they ran out of time or flowers. We used some vases provided by the venue and bought another 30 or so from a thrift store to add a lot of variety and fill in around the venue on window sills and other surfaces. It was so fun seeing all the places they put flowers & greenery, including the bathroom counters which were a suggested last-on-the-list item "if you have time and extra flowers." The baby's breath kept turning up in guests' hair and shirt pockets as the night went on, and the kids especially loved it.
The bouquets and boutonnieres survived certifiably nasty wind and rain during the outdoor photos too!

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