Angels Among Us

Upon assisting my friend with the arrangements for her mother's funeral, whose funeral was the same as Mother's Day weekend, I discovered the white carnation to be the Official Mother's Day flower. FiftyFlowers from start to finish was a dream -- between the phone calls to confirm the order and all the emails advising of the status of the order, it was the one thing we did not have to worry or stress over. The flowers came right on time and there was even a follow-up call to make sure everything was satisfactory.

There was a mistake discovered however -- they had sent a double order -- we had 200 flowers rather than the 100 that had been ordered. FiftyFlowers replied by saying, "No worries -- just enjoy the flowers." I assured them we would put them to good use and what our intentions were regarding same.

In honor of Elizabeth Johnson, my friend's mother, and all the mothers, we tagged each carnation with Happy Mother's Day. Some were distributed to all the guests at the funeral to lay on the coffin at the cemetery. The surplus was taken to the home on Mother's Day where Elizabeth spent her last days and distributed to the nurses who were working and all the patients.

It is without a doubt the accident brought joy to many that day. Thank you FiftyFlowers for your professionalism and the most fortunate OOPS!!!

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