Amazing Orchids!

I volunteered to make two large floral arrangements for a church service. The family asked if I could include Phalaenopsis Orchids, but other than that, they gave me no further instructions! I was super nervous about creating these because I have no flower arranging experience and I had never worked with orchids before! I started searching the internet for orchids and came across, I chatted with their floral consultant, Violet, and she helped me put together a cart and estimate how many stems of each flower to order. She was so patient and helpful! While browsing the orchids I came across the Cattleya's which I had never even heard of before! I decided they looked so amazing that I had to order some of these as well as the Phalaenopsis. I was worried about how I would use them in my arrangements since they are sold as a bloom (no stem), but Violet told me to get some floral tape, look for a sturdy branch in my own yard, tape them to the branch and Viola, they had a "stem"! I have bamboo in my yard, so I trimmed some down and taped the entire bloom (with the water tubes that they came with) to the bamboo and was set! It was actually super easy! Everyone was SO impressed with my arrangements and couldn't believe I made them! I would highly recommend FiftyFlowers to anyone. Almost all of the flowers shown in the photos are from FiftyFlowers (along with some greens from my own yard), but I placed so many orders in the processing of figuring it all out that I had to pick one to submit my testimonial under and the Cattleya Orchids were definitely the highlight for me!

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