Amazing Flowers for a Destination Wedding!

I just wanted you to know, how wonderful it was to work with FiftyFlowers. A friend of mine had used FiftyFlowers for her daughters wedding, so I had seen first hand the beauty of the flowers at her daughter\'s wedding and knew right then and there that I wanted to create the flower bouquets as well as table and beach decorations for my daughter Nicole\'s destination Beach Wedding at the beautiful Four Season Sheraton on Okaloosa Island, just outside of Destin, Florida. My daughter\'s main wedding color was lavender and I knew she wanted Hydrangeas and Roses. I had so much fun looking at your beautiful flower website with all those amazing flower selections, I just loved it! When it came time to select, I chose purple hydrangeas, white hydrangeas, white hydrangeas with blue edges, white akito roses, lavender roses and the blue filler mix. I also ordered extra roses, so we would have our own flower petals for our two flower girls. My daughter Nicole and her fiancee\'s wedding was on Sat Sept. 17th. We arrived at the hotel on Wednesday. The Four Season Sheraton was the perfect place for me to do my flowers, as part of the hotel faces a gorgeous court yard, and I did make sure that I requested a room on ground level, so I had a patio from where we were able to carry my vases, etc to the reception site. Upon arrival, I slightly rearranged my room, so I would have a large area to set up the flower buckets and arrange flowers. But First, I lined the carpet with several layers of heavy duty garbage bags, so the hotel carpets would not get wet. I prepared buckets and also prepped the tables in my room with my vases and that was it on Wednesday. Thursday morning, just as promised, right at 9:30 am, my hotel reception called and said that all my flowers had arrived. Even the boxes were beautiful in cheery colors! My flowers had come from far away places such as Holland and Argentina, it was amazing! I decided to trim my flowers in the bathroom, I filled up the bath tub with cool water and every single flower got to take a refreshing bath, then I snipped, trimmed and off they went into their prepared buckets by the air conditioner, needless to say I kept the room quite chilly. I must say, how absolutely wonderful and fresh my flowers looked even as they arrived in their boxes! Most of my hydrangeas had little water bags tied around them and so did the roses, I was in flower heaven. Once they were in their buckets I felt like I had my own little flower shop! On Friday morning some of my daughters bridesmaids along with one of the 2 flower girls arrived at my room and everyone \"ooohed and aaaaahed\" at the amazing flowers. Then they all went on to help create the bridesmaids bouquets outside on my patio, I forgot to mention earlier that I had also ordered white and lavender carnations for the bridesmaids bouquets as well as for the arrangements to go in lavender sand buckets that lined the aisle at the ceremony. All in all we made 7 bridesmaids bouquets, 1 bouquet for my daughter, about 50 vases for the reception, 10 sand bucket bouquets and I had lots and lots of extra flowers to decorate everywhere- our reception was at the Sheraton restaurant which led onto the patio and from there to tables by the pool. As I created one bouquet or arrangement after another I condensed flowers into less and less buckets and when all done I still had 2 large buckets of a mix of all my left over flowers, so I decided to just wrap big lavender ribbons around my white buckets and put those two out by the pool for decoration as well. Oh, I forgot to mention: To make my daughter Nicole\'s wedding bouquet I had her come visit my \"flower store\" and had her go from bucket to bucket and hand select her hydrangeas and flowers, which was so much fun in itself!!!! I can only say wonderful things about FiftyFlowers, it was perfect for OUR Destination Wedding, EVERYBODY was helpful, answered questions, did follow up calls, it was a great experience and makes me look forward to my other daughters wedding!!!! Also, when I checked my emails after I got back home (I still have an older cell phone) I did see that I was sent emails about my flowers whereabouts from the time they had left their flower farms until their arrival at the final destination wedding site - which I never had had any doubt anyway that they would get there on time and in perfect condition, Thank You FiftyFlowers!!!

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