AMAZING and BREATH-TAKING! No need to be nervous

I just wanted to take the time to post about our wedding flowers for all you nervous brides out there scared to order online! Our wedding was september 24 and our flowers turned out PERFECT! They were my dream flowers! I ended up going with snap-dragons, cabbage roses, and craspedia (billy buttons.) They arrived 9 AM on Thursday (wedding was Saturday.) Now if you are anything like me, I was terrified that they would not arrive, or arrive dead, or that I wouldn\'t be able to properly care for them. They arrived in a lot better condition than I expected, of course they were a little sad looking due to travel, but I did everything they said to do to care for them. I went to a local flower shop to buy flower food for them and ended up talking to a really nice man who gave me some tips- Use clean buckets... I bought 7 five gallon buckets from lowes for $3 each. Fill them up with cool water, not luke warm, a little over half way full. Pour 3-4 packets of flower food in each bucket. He also gave me a flower hydrator to pour eqaually in each bucket. I then stirred everything. I did one group of flowers at a time. You need to have a really good pair of flower cutters, scissors, or snippers, which I also purchased from lowes. Before you cut the stems you need to snip off any leaves that will be under water (I left the thorns on my roses) in buckets because this can spread bacteria. I did this to all of them first before cutting the stems. You then need to cut at a 45 degree angle, about an inch or two of the bottom of the stems and put them in the water IMMEDIATELY because they begin drinking as soon as they are snipped. The florist said that you do not want to crowd them, so for example, I ordered 75 cabbage roses and distributed them in 3 buckets. After you get them all in buckets you need to store them in a dark room with no sunlight and no drafts so close your air vents. They say you need to store them in like 40 degrees but mine did just fine in 69-70 degree temps in Arkansas. I HIGHLY recommend FiftyFlowers. My experience was fantastic!

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