All things Autumn

If there is an "it" flower right now, it really must be the Chocolate Cosmos. And rightly so. These delicate little flowers were spectacular. I loved that they arrived with both tiny flower buds and fully open flowers. And they were scented, especially late in the afternoon when you could clearly smell the vanilla and chocolate.

I needed flowers to tell a story, and what other flower can tell the story of chocolate better than chocolate cosmos?

On November the 9th 2016, I did a Floral Art demonstration at the BC Floral Art Society in Vancouver, Canada and I needed some very special flowers that will inspire the talented members who attended the demonstration.

The concept of this design demonstration was to help the members think bigger when preparing for competition designs.
My demonstration title was: All things Autumn (by which I mean all things chocolate) and I based each design on an interesting chocolate fact.
As with any floral art design, the main focus is on the flowers. It is always the flowers that tells the story of your design. Accessories and armatures are there to support the flowers, to frame and highlight, but it is the flowers that conveys the message.

I often order my flowers from and it is always a pleasure to search from the wide selection of flowers and the service is outstanding.

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