A June 2018 wedding in St. Louis MO. I was nervous about ordering the flowers online, but the prices could not be beat! All of the flowers arrived on time. I was shocked when I saw the small compact boxes and convinced this was not all the flowers. I called fiftyflowers and they instructed me to remove all the flowers from the box as they pack them compactly so counting the stems you see is not exactly correct. Turns out our order was just fine.
That Friday morning before the wedding, my bridal party got together and made the bouquets. First arranging the flowers, then using flower wire to wrap them together, then using a hot glue gun to put the ribbon on the bouquets. And they were absolutely gorgeous! No reason to pay thousands when you can pay hundreds. Just make sure you have enough refrigerator space to store the flowers and at least one creative person on the team who can help with the floral arrangement!

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