Absolutely GORGEOUS Flowers!!

I am so happy I chose FiftyFlowers for my wedding. I was on a strict budget and had no choice but to do everything on my own! And I am so glad I did. Even though my wedding was simple and casual and in my own backyard, these flowers were so beautiful they could have been used in a very upscale event! The flowers arrived exactly when specified, and they were in wonderful shape and so gorgeous. Yes, they needed to perk up a bit in water, but after that they were stunning. I ordered some orange ranunculus, and although they did not fully bloom out for the wedding they were still beautiful on their own. I knew ranunculus could be tricky, so I went into it with that knowledge. Also, they day before they were to be delivered, a very accommodating representative from FiftyFlowers called me to tell me that the Burgundy Dianthus I ordered were not suitable enough to fill my order. We took about 15 minutes to choose a replacement flower, and although there wasn't anything comparable in color that I desired, the flowers that replaced them were STUNNING! What a lucky thing to have happened!! I was amazed at how friendly and helpful Cristina and Celine were and I could not be more pleased with the incredible service I received from FiftyFlowers. You won't regret choosing them for your wedding or special event! I only wish I had another opportunity to use FiftyFlowers again!! Thank you!!

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