A Wildly Eclectic New York Wedding

Two East coast kids, Connor and myself, planned our highly anticipated wedding all the way across the country in California and loved every second of it! After spending countless hours scrolling through Pinterest, our vision became clear. We would have to throw a wild, crazy, cool wedding, that was truly US. Each vendor was carefully sought out, off-the-beaten-path, alternative, and unique. When it came time to figuring out flowers and I saw what our ideas were quoted at, I took a moment of silence, a minute of sadness, and knew there had to be another way. When I found Fifty Flowers, immediately my mind was set - I would do the flowers myself. As a designer this was fun for me, a challenge, and a learning experience. In no time I was a floral expert (or I'd like to think). With a small militia to back me up (12 bridesmaids, moms, dads, and grandma), I knew it could be done. All hands on deck, I was filled with joy as I watched the people closest to me smile, laugh, and bond while tying together our special day. The photos listed here are from both my rehearsal dinner and wedding. Thank you everyone, and thank you Fifty Flowers for making this weekend unforgettable.

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