A Whimsical Fairy Tale

"Wow! Who did your flowers?!"

A frequent question at our wedding reception, but where to even begin? How we spent days trying to find reasonable florists in our area who could make our vision come to life, and failing so miserably that we took drastic measures: doing the flowers ourselves?

Well, yes, that is a good place to start!

What started out as an unorthodox and drastic decision led to not only so many precious memories, but true accomplishment. We recruited a group of friends to come help create our wedding flower vision, and in the process had so many belly laughs and blessings that considering we almost hired overpriced florists instead became laughable, if not tragic. We would have missed so many priceless moments and fantastic lessons!

This group of friends, deemed "The Flower Brigade," did not need a professional business card to create beauty. Instead, FiftyFlowers gave us the opportunity to bring our own ideas to fruition, resulting in whimsical and romantic details blossoming around our wedding day. We would not trade this part of our wedding for anything! The experience bonded both friendships and flowers, and added a much more personal note to this celebration.

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