A Touch of Tiki Wedding

We thought it would be super fun and set the casual tone if we decided to have a tiki party for our wedding! Obviously we weren't having a real luau, but we wanted to set the vibe of a casual party. I had lots of Hawaiian/Aloha touches as a way to honor our engagement and trip of a lifetime to Hawaii. We invited guests to wear Aloha shirts and decorated with pineapples and tropical flowers. The groom had a fun play on an Aloha shirt for his attire and I went with a retro glamour vibe.

The flowers were really important to me and that's why my crazy obsessive self DIY-ed them. I knew what I wanted would have been out of the budget with a florist. I spent a fraction of what a florist would have charged me to buy all of the flowers and all the supplies, including vases and other floral supplies. I did pay a florist for a consultation to help me decide which flowers would bring my vision about the best way within my budget, and I definitely got some great deals in ordering the flowers I needed the most of from Fifty Flowers! The care instructions were spot on and I was notified each and every time flowers were delivered - they came separately from different growers. I made 10 centerpieces, my bridal bouquet, a bridesmaid bouquet, and various hair combs, corsages, bouttonieres, and bud vases. They were exactly what I wanted and my family got to enjoy them after the wedding was over.

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