A Swiss Girl Marries an Aussie Boy in Los Angeles

I'm originally from Switzerland and my husband is from Australia. When we decided to get married we knew it would be hectic to gather everyone in one place. We decided to have the wedding in LA since this is where we met and somewhat in the middle of Switzerland and Australia. It was hard to plan everything especially since both of our families were so far away. We knew our mothers (both Christines!) wanted to help us with the wedding and it was very important for them to make the flowers since it's kind of their thing. We learned of FiftyFlowers through a blog and it saved us so much time, money and energy! We made all the flowers the day before with both our moms and my bridesmaid Melanie. It was a lot of work but it was such a bonding time and a good distraction from the stress of the next day. We were so please with the results! Our wedding was a big melting pot of different cultures coming together and our guests had so much fun!

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