A Spokane Wedding

Being a florist is not my primary job, but rather it is something I do because I love flowers and working with flowers always takes me to my happy place. It is something I have done for over 30 years as a side business and more of a hobby. My primary job is working in education and have been asked by many former students to do the flowers for their wedding. Most of the time, the weddings are close by and having access to flowers has never been an issue. This wedding, however, was a little different in that the bride, a former student of mine, was getting married in Spokane, WA. When I was asked if I would be her florist, I realized right away that access to flowers was going to be a challenge since I would be flying from California and staying in an Airbnb. I had ordered from Fifty Flowers before but had not ordered and had the flowers delivered to any other address than to my home where I have my business, and this wedding was going to be a fairly good sized one in regards to arrangements and flower needs. After meeting with the bride and putting together my flower list, I placed my order with Fifty Flowers and hoped all would be good! Of course, the bride asked how I was going to do this since I was an out-of-town florist, so I explained to her how I ordered the flowers and that they would be delivered to where I was staying. She was a little nervous, as was I, but I could not have been happier with what this company provided! The flowers were absolutely beautiful. They arrived promptly on time and as soon as I had signed for them I received a phone call from the company asking me if the flowers met with my approval and if everything I ordered was there and OK.

As you can see from the pictures, the flowers were perfect. Fifty Flowers is amazing. I have ordered from them repeatedly and have recommended them to others. I have never been disappointed in all my business dealings with them. Thank you Fifty Flowers for making every job I have done with your flowers turn out perfect!

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