A Splash Botanics Love Story

If I were to rank my favorite parts of my wedding the first would be my marriage and the second would be my flowers. There was something so magical about their arrival. My flowers came in on Wednesday and Thursday. I tended to them filling dozens of buckets with well groomed fresh flowers. Every corner every room of my house was full of beautiful flowers. They were my wedding flowers. As guests arrived from out of town I'd introduce them to my flowers one my one saying "meet our king protea they are the flower of flowers," and "look how our creamy spray roses have bloomed." I loved watching them come to life as they drank and stretched out their petals.

My florist was my best friend from high school. We had grown up in farm land and bonded taking horticulture together. She and one of my bridesmaids carefully braided our flower crowns through the night as we chatted about all the trouble we used to get into together. All the flowers that fell from their stems were repurposed into crowns and boutonnieres. The petals we saved for the flower girl. Extra flowers were used to decorate the desert table, the bar, and various other tables. We arranged center pieces in concrete vases, and worked tirelessly to bake the bouquets perfectly balanced.

I can't thank FiftyFlower enough. The flowers arrived in safe thoughtful packaging, they were fresh, and beautiful. The team is responsive and helpful. They were wonderful to work with and we were able to have the flower of my dreams at a price we could afford. They even helped me work around my guests peculiar plant allergies.

My guests rave about how unique and stunning my flowers were. They tell me they've never seen them before and asked if they might be allowed to take some flowers with them. They were bright and fun and perfectly suited my vision. I couldn't imagine my wedding day without FiftyFlowers and couldn't imagine a world in which they didn't exist.

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