A Rustic Park Wedding

I do not have enough kind words to express how wonderful FiftyFlowers is! Not only did I receive multiple calls, texts, and emails checking to see if I needed help or had any questions, but the live chat option is absolutely undeniably amazing. With every delivery of flowers I received a phone call that helped me to know how to prepare the flowers- for example, when the flowers are delivered they are a little thirsty, but the insert that comes with the flowers says this is natural and how to cut the flowers and how much water to soak them in to get a beautiful finished product. FiftyFlowers truly eases the process and makes an already stressful time less stressful. Burgundy is such a difficult color to match, which made me a little nervous to choose flowers online, but as they arrived I was so happy with how well all of the different burgundy flowers went together. This is my second time working with FiftyFlowers (my sister in law used them for her wedding a few years ago) and I think being a repeat customer speaks volumes for how I feel about the quality of these flowers as well as the customer service from this company. I knew when helping her with her wedding there was no other way I would go but to order through FiftyFlowers and create the floral arrangements ourselves. For the amount of flowers and pieces we were able to create, the price is amazing also. To do the arch we used wet floral tape as well as wet floral foam and were able to keep the flowers hydrated that way. I was able to tie a charm through my bouquet in remembrance of my dog we put down earlier this year. I can not say enough about how much I love the way my flowers turned out on my wedding day. I can not recommend FiftyFlowers enough, and I do to any bride that is looking for a fun, cost effective DIY option.

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