A Rustic Chic Fall Barn Wedding in Michigan

I'm not really sure where I got the idea to DIY my wedding flowers, but from the start of wedding planning it was the only option I considered - and I am SO glad I did! Although it was a large project, way beyond my expertise, and very overwhelming at times, it went unbelievably well. The flowers were absolutely beautiful, and guests kept asking who did our flowers - so that felt great! I explored pretty much every DIY flower ordering option I could find out there, and no company came close to what FiftyFlowers could offer me. I wanted some more unique flowers/colors, and they had that. Their free shipping is amazing as well! For the most part, I did a lot of the research on my own, but when I did have questions, their customer service was great. I also loved the confirmation emails, texts and phone calls! As a stressed bride, it was great to know exactly where all the flowers were and when.

As far as flower care, I did everything myself. LOTS of buckets! When it came time to assemble the bouquets, I called in my mom for help. We started at 9 am, and finished at 1 pm the day before the wedding. In this time we finished 4 bridesmaids bouquets, 1 mini bouquet for my niece - the mini bridesmaid :) , a bridal bouquet, and one test bouquet (first one was not what I was envisioning...it definitely took some playing and testing!). When it was time to head to the venue, we loaded up our freshly assembled bouqs, and many many buckets into the car (you'll definitely need a van or SUV for this part!). Since my centerpieces were just painted mason jars filled with flowers, we decided to assemble them all at the venue. Way easier than transporting 25 jars filled with flowers and water! We finished all the centerpieces in about 1.5 hours, for the most part it was just us 2 working together. We had wanted to make boutonnieres, but time did not allow, and I was totally ok with that. I think it worked with our theme, and let's be honest - boutonnieres are pretty annoying to keep on anyway! We made one for my grandma who specifically requested she have one...and then she didn't put it on until about halfway into the reception (go figure!).

Overall, my experience with FiftyFlowers was great! I cannot say enough good things about them, or DIYing your wedding flowers. I am a wedding photographer, and I now suggest it to all my brides! If I could do it again, I definitely would. Thank you FiftyFlowers for allowing me to make my wedding even more memorable!

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