A quite different testimonial

I have a quite different testimonial than the others that I read. I don't expect this to be posted on your website...but I did want to share my experience, even if it is just with the employees of Fifty Flowers. I ordered orange novelty gerbera daisies for my wedding which happens to be this Saturday. I was a little nervous about ordering flowers online, but did so anyways. I received my flowers this morning (Thursday) at the time that Fifty Flowers predicted. I opened them, and was disappointed. I had been sent the correct amount and type of flower...but received yellow instead of orange. I called your customer service line and was instructed to send a photo of the order label and a flower to your company. I did so. Within an hour, I was told that I would have a full refund since I did in fact receive the wrong color flowers. I was very pleased with how your company handled my situation. Everyone was polite, and within an hour of receiving my flowers, a solution was put into action. The flowers, were beautiful and healthy looking. Although I received the incorrect color of flowers for my wedding, I was so pleased with the customer service I received, I would absolutely use your company again, and would encourage my newly engaged friends to do the same! Thank you! Danielle C.

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