A Perfect Day Full of Love and Beautiful Flowers!

As soon as my friend told me her daughter was engaged, I immediately knew that I wanted to do the flowers for her as a gift. It was an honor that I was able to do this for them. The flowers arrived on time and in the exact amounts that were needed. I had used Fifty Flowers before for my own wedding so I knew what to expect regarding their amazing customer service, and their impeccable taste in suggestions. I prepped the flowers by removing all the stems and putting them in water so they can drink for at least 24 hours. I arranged the 24 centerpieces and 6 misc arrangements the night before and did the bouquets, corsages, and bouts the morning of the wedding. I set aside some of the best blooms for the arch with the help of the handy floral spreadsheet that Fifty Flowers sent me as part of their service. I completed the arch right before the happy couple started taking their photographs. All in all, it was a great day, and a fulfilled dream of arranging professional looking flowers. I will use Fifty Flowers again, and again!

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