A Perfect

Alex dropped to 1 knee in the middle of a basketball court during a birthday party I had planned for him. Little did I know the surprise was going to be for me. In front of a gym filled with family and friends all just as shocked as I was a ring was presented to me. Suddenly everything made sense and I was going to marry the man of my dreams. A friend told me about Fifty Flowers and it had incredible value as oppose to many other sites. Alex and I have worked together well on DIY endeavors so we were not afraid to make this happen in our budget. The flowers arrived as expected and the bridesmaids helped with their flowers, Alex and I put the boutonnieres together. I did my own boutique in the morning of the wedding day. I never did any flower arrangements in my life and they came out perfect. I truly believe because the flowers were so easy to work with everything came together much easier than I expected. Thank you fifty flowers because of you my wedding was a dream come true.

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