A Magical Day

I was very hesitant to order our flowers on line at first. After reading reviews from other people and the Fifty Flowers policies, I decided it was worth it and that what was the worst that could happen? LOL. Our entire wedding was full of do it yourself projects. Way too many actually. My mom is great with flower bouquets so she took on the making centerpieces project for our special day. The roses and cala lilies arrived on time, which I was more than thrilled about. It really eased my mind. The flowers were in great shape when they arrived and packaged nicely. The calalilies lasted for two weeks after our big day. My mom cut some ferns and purchased some other decorative flowers to create amazing centerpieces with the cala lilies as the central attraction. The roses were also stunning and were placed in beautiful vases near the bar and food areas. They also had a perfect life span and opened up by the day of our wedding. I believe my pictures do not do justice to how beautiful the flowers were. I just could not find up close photos to share. We received a phone call from Fifty Flowers when I placed the order and after they were delivered along with receiving emails of confirmation. This is a first class operation and has an ethical foundation in Ecuador and California. I highly recommend ordering flowers from Fifty Flowers!

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