A Lovely Day in the Garden

We got married in an outdoor courtyard in Seattle, and knew we wanted a lot of flowers on our special day. I chose pinks and whites with a pop of light blue because I thought that would be a classic color scheme to match our storybook-esque theme. I used a DIY flower food and spent a lot of time the day of the delivery prepping everything (just as an FYI, prepping took me about 3 hours in total, including making the flower food and snipping all the stems/leaves.) The day before the wedding, myself, my mom, MIL, and aunt got together to make bouquets. We had more than enough flowers for what we had planned, and at the end just improvised with vessels we had around the house, using them as vases for as many flowers as we could possibly fit into our little car! I'm so happy with how our flowers turned out, and absolutely loved the chance to choose blooms for our day! I'm so happy we used FiftyFlowers and were able to fill our space with life and color!

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