A Love as Strong as the Heat!

While planning an outdoor wedding in early June, I knew that it would be a bit warm in the late afternoon but I had no idea exactly how hot it would get. A few days before the wedding, the forecast showed it would be the hottest day of the year yet - a sticky 95 degrees with a little breeze. When the flowers came, we were quick to get them in water, and boy did they drink! In a couple days, they perked up and were looking healthy and vibrant!

The day of the wedding, they were still looking great but the heat evaporated a lot of the water away. But just looking at them, you would never have noticed except for a little drooping of the tips of the sunflower petals! These were some hardy flowers!

We were able to save so much money by having FiftyFlowers provide the flowers! Not only did we save a pretty penny (or several thousand pretty pennies), but we didn't have to sacrifice any beauty or decorations of having a professional florist. If you're not afraid of doing a little bit of fun-work making bouquets and centerpieces, I would highly recommend doing it yourself with FiftyFlowers flowers!

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