A Hot, But Magical Day!

It was an amazing day from the food, to the flowers, to love from our family and friends. All the guests and the wedding party endured the heat and came out and celebrated with us. Jamie, the wife of our Best Man, did a great job with the boutonnieres and corsages. I would have done them myself, but I ran out of time and before I knew it, it was time to get ready! She stepped up and did such a great job, but in the midst of hurrying, we forgot them all! So nobody got to wear her amazing creations, but we did get to keep the dried flowers as keepsakes. They smell amazing still to this day! Such a great day! The flowers were absolutely stunning when they opened. I will be doing another wedding in September here in Indiana with the same package and it will be beautiful too! Of course, I recommend Fifty Flowers to everyone that needs beautiful flowers for their special day or event. Thanks Fifty Flowers!

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