A Colorful Colorado Wedding

I moved to Colorado from Seattle 7 years ago and anticipated being single for a while. A couple months after my move, I met my now Husband at his Halloween party that I brought two guys with me to...Haha! I ditched those guys to be with Adam and it really was love at first sight! The moment that we met each other we knew that we had found the one!
I really wanted to be a DIY bride with the flowers especially because I had taken floral design class in high school for 2 years and loved it! I knew that I wanted a very bright and colorful Colorado wedding and it turned out better than I had anticipated. It was great that I could order peonies out of season and they turned out amazing! After getting quotes for floral shops I determined that I had enough experience from my high school days to decide that I could design all of the flower pieces myself and ended up saving a ton of money! All of the flowers shipped on time. I bought a bunch of Home Depot buckets to use to keep the flowers in water and allow them to open more before using them in the wedding pieces. I am very grateful for my friends and family who helped me with this process because it would have been A LOT of work on my own! I feel that flowers can make or break a wedding and am glad that I went with Fifty Flowers to order mine. Everything turned out beautifully and I am now thinking of starting my own floral design side business because I loved the process so much! Thank you Fifty Flowers!

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