A Classic Country Celebration

My husband and I had both grown up wanting a big outdoor wedding filled with great friends and family, delicious food, amazing flowers and wrapped in lots of love. Our fairytale came true on June 15, 2019 when we joined our lives at Blue Hill Farm in Waterford, VA. My best man and I decided to undertake the flowers by ourselves. We needed 96 centerpieces as well as many other large arrangements, corsages, boutiennieres and bouquets. I knew that that many flowers would cost a fortune so I was thrilled to find Fifty Flowers because they offered a huge and gorgeous variety of everything we needed while making it simple with some of their predone packages. The flowers arrived in perfect time on the Wednesday before the ceremony. We cut the stems and got them in water to freshen up. By Thursday morning all their lovely heads were standing at attention and ready to be designed. Fifty Flowers made it possible to have our amazing flowers at a fraction of the cost. They were stunning. Our guests commented that they had never seen a more beautiful setting with more gorgeous flowers (some of the guests even took the centerpieces home.) The day was filled with all the wonderful things we had wished for and was a dream come true for both of us.

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