A California Wedding in the Woods

Katherine and David's relationship began as strictly professional during the summer of 2013 when they met while working in Chicago. Both were in that city for just a few months before David moved elsewhere for work and Katherine returned to college. Their romance, which took root at the end of that first summer, developed over long distance until David settled in his native Bay Area and Katherine, recently-graduated and newly-employed, was able to join him. When they returned to Chicago together for a wedding in the fall of 2017, David took the opportunity to pop the question in the city that started it all. Katherine answered with an emphatic YES, and the couple returned to California to commence the wedding planning process. The wedding's vibrant color palette was inspired by Katherine and David's many experiences traveling together, their shared interest in painting, and Katherine's Mediterranean heritage. Their love of David's longtime (and Katherine's adopted) home of California determined the natural setting and rustic decor. Katherine tapped her sister Alex (who was waiting in the wings with bated breath) to make her floral aspirations a reality. The sisters worked to define the floral aesthetic and select the flower varieties, and they were grateful for FiftyFlowers' assistance in determining appropriate quantities and getting across the ordering finish line. During the wedding week Alex, Chalet View Lodge wedding planners Paulette and Mattie, and a number of family members assembled the floral arrangements of Katherine's dreams! With FiftyFlowers' excellent support and simple advice, the flowers arrived onsite when anticipated, bloomed just in time for the wedding, and looked positively beautiful on Katherine and David's big day!

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