A Bride Grows in Brooklyn

My best friend - the bride - is a total bookworm, and has been since childhood. I'd know, we've know each other since we were two. Of all the things she's read over the years, her favorite book continues to be "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" by Betty Smith. Perhaps this is what lead her, in some way, to eventually make a life and home in Brooklyn, New York, where she is getting married this November.

My friend is intelligent, and witty, and deep, and whimsical, and an endless spray of soft and fragrant greenery seemed perfect for this event and for the venue. It also could not have been more effortless! (Which was a good thing, because the party before our event ran long, and we had approximately 10 minutes to decorate.) I dotted the greenery with a few springs of baby's breath I picked up that morning, just for a touch of extra femininity, and everyone was stunned. Because it was such a hearty plant, I also had no problem instructing the wait staff to lay our family-style brunch down right on top of the greenery, so it remained part of the decor and yet didn't interfere in the least with logistics.

After the shower, as part of the favors, everyone left with some of the eucalyptus bunches up into mini bouquets for their homes.

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