A Beautiful Pink Baby Shower

I hosted a baby shower for my daughter, who knows she's having a baby girl. This allowed us to go with all shades of light pink flowers for the event. Held at the Meadow Brook Estate in Rochester, MI, I wanted old fashioned flowers to compliment the beautiful dining hall. The peonies used in the centerpieces were a luscious shade of light pink, opened very nicely and smelled heavenly. When Fifty Flowers didn't have enough of the pink spray roses to fill my order (not too surprising since it was Mothers Day weekend), Daisy called and suggested a similar spray rose as a substitute. When the sweet peas came with stems too short to use in vases, they suggested the pink stock as a substitute. I was nervous, but the pink stock (which they overnighted) added another element of pink to the bouquets. They were beautiful. I received many compliments on the bouquets, including the staff, who stated it was one of the most beautiful events they've held in the dining hall. I give much of that credit to the flowers! Bonus, the bouquets stayed fresh looking for several days after the shower. I've used Fifty Flowers several times through the years, and recommend them often. Whenever I've had a trouble (very rarely), the customer service worked diligently to satisfy the order to my liking.

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