12,000 Peach Rose Petals

The wedding needed an little extra touch away from the front flower arch and wedding platform, so we ordered the 12,000 peach rose petals to go on both sides of the runner up the aisle. The roses were excellent in color and the slight blending of the peach from light to dark made it pick up the shade of the brides maids peach colored dresses well. The roses petals were fresh, large, and arrived on time. We followed the instructions and refridgerated them and they were perfect. One lady exclaimed "I never saw so many roses in my life!" My daughter was elated and of course that made Dad pleased at the results. I would not hesitate to recommend the peach rose petals in bulk to anyone and fiftyflowers.com for quality and service. The aisle length was approximately 60 ft. and the roses were sufficient to cover both sides of the aisle in the quantities shown in the photos.

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