10 Year Anniversary & Vow Renewal

My husband and I run an event planning business together- Simply S Events- in Ventura CA. After 12 years together we decided it was our turn to celebrate in a big way! We love helping other couples with their big day & making their dreams come true but sadly when we got married a decade ago we had no help creating that flawless day. We were so young & not quite sure how to plan anything. As we approached our 10 year wedding anniversary my husband asked me to marry him again. With tear filled eyes and a full heart I said yes and showed him my multiple pinterest boards of how I had envisioned re-doing our wedding. We were so excited at the chance to do this right and have our beautiful kids, family and friends join us. Our original wedding was pastel colors so we thought jewel tone version of that would be perfect! Like a maturing of colors also representing a maturing/growth in our marriage. We put together the flowers and felt so happy with the outcome! The day was magical! We were surrounded by gorgeous flowers on a gorgeous day with our closest friends and family!

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