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The 10 Best Beach Flowers for Your Wedding

Cham Tanteras 27 May 2022
The 10 Best Beach Flowers for Your Wedding

Nothing compares to walking down the aisle with the breezing sound of waves and wide-open horizon as a backdrop. If you're planning a beach wedding, you're naturally looking for beach flowers that will complement your seaside ceremony. Here, discover 10 flowers that will blend in beautifully at the beach.

1. Calla Lilies

centerpiece with black calla lilies Sanaz Photography

The trumpet-shaped bloom of calla lilies mimics the shape of a wave, making them the perfect beach flower! This timeless bloom looks great on its own, as well as the focal point of larger bouquets and arrangements. Calla lilies are stand alone flowers that can speak for itself with a sleek and sophisticated look.

2. King Protea

bridal protea bouquet

Claudia Gomez Photography

The tropical king protea is a dramatic show stopper. Its circular, crown-shaped flower with spikes is the largest type of protea and can vary from red, green, white and pink. This tropical bloom will add texture and an exotic touch to any beach bouquet. Its oval-shaped petals and white fuzzy texture in the center will definitely make a statement.

3. Oriental Lilies

bridal bouquet with lilies

Martin Ngo Photography

Oriental lilies are also known as “the Queen of Flowers,” and rightfully so! They are star-shaped flowers with large petals that exhibit ruffled margins. These flowers are also full of fragrance. They're available in a variety of shades, including white, hot pink and yellow.

4. Monstera Leaves

centerpiece with monstera

Lunalee Photography

Monstera leaves are bright green and large — they're as a big as a plate and perfect for table-scapes and centerpieces! Their overall unique shape makes them a popular for beach weddings. Monsteras can be used in bouquets as the backdrop for florals - see the look in our Tropical Wedding Make This Look. As an added bonus, Monstera leaves have a long-lasting vase life which means you can set them early and they'll look fresh long after the event.

5. Orchids

bridesmaid bouquet with orchids

Andie Avery Photography

Orchids are beautiful line flowers that have multiple blooms per stem and add height and texture to a floral arrangement. Orchids come in many varieties and colors. One of the most sought-after is known for its “galaxy blue” tinted color (not to worry- the tint will not rub off the petals) and since blue flowers are rare we often recommend them. A single order bloom works great in floating or submerged centerpieces, too!

6. Birds of Paradise

birds of paradise

If you're looking for something tropical, birds of paradise fit the bill. These lovely flowers feature orange and royal blue petals and a beak-like center, giving them the appearance of tropical birds. Birds of paradise represent love, thoughtfulness and faithfulness. They grow wild in Hawaii.

7. Pin Cushions

colorful centerpiece with pin cushion

Tuan B & Co.

Bright and colorful pin cushions are a tropical bloom that nicely complements a sunny, cheerful beach wedding. Pair with safari sunset leucadendron to recreate your own tropical paradise. Pincushions are available in bold shades including orange, yellow, red and pink.

8. Anthurium

Anthurium centerpiece

Sanaz Photography

Anthurium is another fabulous tropical flower to consider adding to your mix or beach florals. Anthuriums flowers are available in a variety of shapes, colours and patterns which makes them the ideal flowers for beach wedding decorations. Anthurium features colorful, leaf-like blooms in shades like candy apple green, fire engine red, flamingo pink and purple grape.

9. Xerographica Tillandsia Wedding Air Plants

bridal bouquet with air plant

Jen Carreiro

Xerographica tillandsia is a one-of-a-kind floral to add to your beach bouquet. Their unique shape is reminiscent of a starfish, making them a beautiful accent to your other beach flowers.

10. Roses

bridesmaids and bride on beach

Rianon Stephens Photography

Just because you're having a beach wedding doesn't mean you have to use tropical flowers. You can use traditional classics like roses. No matter the setting of your wedding, roses will always be fitting as beach flowers. Roses come in every color, size and style so you can find one to fit your aesthetic.

These are just some of the beach flowers we have to offer that would be perfect for weddings. For more options that will add unique color and texture check out all of our Tropical Flowers! And as always, if you need help picking out flowers or determining amounts, give us a call at 1-877-507-6737 or use our Live Chat at

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Originally written by: Thalia Basulto

Updated by: Cham Tanteras

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