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Purple Flowers: Expressing Royalty and Serenity in Floral Creations

Kailee Palileo 10 Nov 2023
purple hydrangea and other purple flowers flay lay on a wooden table

When it comes to wedding colors, few can rival the sheer romantic allure of purple. It's a shade that exudes boldness and beauty, making it the perfect choice for couples who want their celebration to be nothing short of extraordinary. From the lightest hues to dark and dramatic, purple flowers make weddings magical.

But beyond their visual appeal, the color purple carries profound significance and symbolism in floral arrangements. It represents not only the enchantment of love but also the regal elegance of a deep commitment. Whether you're envisioning a whimsical summer soirée, a cozy winter wonderland, or a rich, autumnal affair, purple flowers can transform your wedding dreams into reality.

Popular Purple Flower Varieties

While roses often steal the spotlight in wedding florals, there are a ton of other purple blooms waiting to be discovered. So, before we get into how to incorporate purple flowers into your wedding arrangements, let's take a moment to explore the different purple flower varieties.


woman holding metal bucket full of lavender

With its delightful fragrance and delicate, long stems, lavender adds a touch of rustic charm to bouquets and centerpieces. With its earthy undertones, soft and soothing color palette, delicate texture, and enchanting scent, it is a quintessential choice for adding a touch of natural elegance to your purple wedding flowers.


Roses are stunning blooms that are available in various shades of purple, from deep and rich to delicate and pastel. They signify enchantment, love at first sight, and the desire to make a lasting impression. With their velvety petals and captivating fragrance, purple roses exude both elegance and romance.

Their rich color palette allows for versatile use in bouquets and arrangements, making them a top pick for couples seeking to infuse their wedding with a touch of regal beauty and timeless allure.


These exotic flowers exude elegance and come in light and deep shades of purple, making them perfect for upscale weddings and modern aesthetics. Orchids are said to convey admiration and respect.


dark purple anemone flower up close

Known for their dark centers and vibrant petals, anemones bring a pop of color and drama to any floral arrangement. Their unconventional beauty makes them an excellent option for bouquets that stand out. And did you know purple anemones symbolize protection from evil? It's definitely a great purple flower for weddings.


There are 15 varieties of hydrangeas offering shades of light purple flowers to deep and dramatic plum, so you’ll definitely find one that matches your theme and color palette. What we love most about hydrangeas is the large globe-like blooms, making them perfect for elegant and dramatic wedding flowers.

You can use them in tall centerpieces, as garlands adorning the tables, in bouquets, and at the altar. Purple hydrangeas represent appreciation, grace, beauty, and gratitude.


Like other purple blooms, the purple iris typically symbolizes royalty. However, they also reflect wisdom, strength, and courage, making it a meaningful wedding choice. The intricate structure of iris flowers and their striking violet-blue tones make them an artistic addition to any floral design.

Whether as standalone blooms or paired with other flowers, irises infuse a sense of elegance and intrigue into your wedding decor.


Purple lilacs are not just blooms; they're fragrant, fluffy wonders that add color and dimension to any bouquet. Generally available for spring and early summer weddings, these delicate blossoms seamlessly blend timeless romance with a touch of modern sophistication.


purple bulk fresh tulips in a white vase

Tulips, with their sleek and graceful appearance, offer a touch of understated elegance to wedding flowers. Also available in various shades of purple, they can be tailored to compliment your chosen color scheme.

These blooms are often associated with spring but can be used year-round, making them a versatile choice. Whether in monochromatic bouquets or mixed with other flowers, purple tulips add a dash of freshness and simplicity to your wedding decor, perfect for a classic and refined ambiance.


Carnations, often underestimated, can be the unsung heroes of your purple-themed wedding. They come in various purple shades, offering both affordability and versatility. When thoughtfully arranged, these blooms can create stunning displays.

Their ruffled petals add texture and depth to bouquets and centerpieces, and they are available year-round, making them a reliable choice for any season. Carnations in shades of purple can be your secret weapon for achieving elegant and budget-friendly wedding florals, so don’t underestimate the impact of these often-ignored blooms.

Purple Flowers in Wedding Bouquets

Incorporating purple flowers into wedding bouquets allows you to add a touch of elegance, romance, and personality to your wedding. Here are a few ways you can incorporate purple blooms into your bouquets:

Purple as the Dominant Color:

Using purple as the dominant color in your wedding bouquet is a great idea, and because there are so many different shades and varieties of flowers to choose from, you can make your bouquet unique to you.

Consider the soft pastel shades of lilac or lavender for a romantic and whimsical look or go bold with deep purple flowers for a statement bridal bouquet. Either way, purple is a beautiful choice for your bridal bouquet and flower arrangements.

Accent Flowers:

Whether you DIY your wedding bouquet or work with a professional florist, purple can be used as a dominant color or delicately interwoven as an accent flower. For example, you can add purple irises or tulips to a predominantly white bouquet for a pop of color, and trust us, it looks absolutely incredible.

Mixed Shades:

variety of shades of purple roses up close

One of our favorite things to see in wedding flowers is experimenting with different shades of purple to add depth and dimension to the bouquets. Combine light and dark purple flowers, like lavender, and deep purple flowers, like calla lilies, for a captivating contrast and a touch of drama.

And, of course, you can filter in other colors as well: soft shades of pink add romance, white anemones with a dark center add a touch of whimsy, and yellow flowers for a pop of color all look beautiful in wedding bouquets.

Foliage and Greenery:

To fully get the most out of your purple flowers, don’t forget to integrate lush greenery and foliage into your wedding bouquets and arrangements. The green backdrop highlights the different hues you get in purple florals and adds a natural and fresh feel to them.

Texture and Shape:

Experiment with different flower shapes and textures to create a visually captivating bouquet. Incorporate fluffy flowers like purple hydrangeas or delicate and intricate options like purple statice; doing this creates dimension and texture and, ultimately a bouquet beyond your wildest dreams.

Centerpiece Ideas:

Incorporating purple flowers into your wedding centerpieces opens up a world of creative possibilities. When it comes to centerpiece ideas, you have various options to infuse your wedding decor with the elegance and charm of purple blooms.

For a classic and romantic look, consider tall arrangements of purple hydrangeas and white roses in sleek vases. This combination blends the lushness of hydrangeas with the timeless beauty of roses, creating a captivating centerpiece.

For a more modern aesthetic, go for low and lush arrangements with a mix of purple calla lilies, orchids, and white anemones. This bold choice blends the artistic appeal of calla lilies with the sleekness of orchids, setting a contemporary tone for your reception.

Complementary colors can enhance your centerpiece's visual impact. For a regal atmosphere, pair purple flowers with gold accents, like gilded candle holders and golden tableware. The contrast between purple and gold creates a sense of opulence.

pastel purple flowers with pastel yellow and white flowers in a white vase

And for a whimsical garden-themed wedding, incorporate soft pastel shades, such as lavender and pink, to complement your purple flowers. These colors harmonize beautifully and evoke a sense of romance, but to really level up your garden wedding, we suggest adding purple wildflowers.

For added drama, you can suspend your floral arrangements above the tables, using greenery, white roses, purple hydrangeas, and other delicate blooms to create the most romantic display that will captivate all the guests. And if you also include lavender, you’ll have that beautiful fragrance as well.

Color Combinations

When it comes to color palettes that beautifully complement purple flowers in arrangements, the possibilities are as inspiring as they are endless. Purple, with its regal and elegant demeanor, harmonizes seamlessly with various hues.

For a timeless and romantic atmosphere, pair purple blooms with soft pinks, blush, and ivory for a delicate and dreamy aesthetic. If you're seeking a touch of drama, deep purples combined with rich gold or royal blue accents can create an opulent and regal ambiance that exudes luxury.

And for a more modern and fresh look, consider pairing purples with shades of gray and silver to infuse your arrangements with sophistication and contemporary flair. Whatever your choice, the magic of complementary colors brings depth and vibrancy to your floral arrangements, leaving a lasting impression on your wedding day.

Whether it's delicate lavender hues or deep, regal purples, these blooms bring a sense of elegance to any event, especially weddings. So, if you're planning your special day, remember that purple flowers can be a fantastic choice.

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