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Budget Saving Tips: Multiple Uses for Wedding Flowers

Julia Thompson 09 Sep 2022
Budget Savvy Bride Featured Image

Doing it yourself is the best way to be a budget saving bride. It requires being a go-getting, creative, and crafty person who recognizes the benefits of designing your own wedding flowers and decorations. One of the best ways to save money is to reuse as many flowers and decorations as possible throughout your big day. Create a cohesive design and be a budget-savvy bride by taking your flowers from the ceremony right to the reception.

Aisle to Reception

Who doesn’t love a well-decorated wedding aisle? This crafty bride placed mason jars of flowers down the entire length of her aisle, leading to the ceremonial arch. The jars contained a few stems of all the flowers in her wedding; daisies, stock, snapdragons, and roses. Then, the bride’s team moved those vases to the reception space once the ceremony was over. The placement of flowers near the Guest List sign enhanced the area and created an immersive appearance throughout the big day.

Budget Savvy Bride Aisle

Budget Savvy Bride Decor 

One of the most common repurposed pieces used from ceremony to reception is the bridal party bouquets and the arch piece. Check out the stunning arch piece, bouquet, and bridesmaid's bouquets. See how we used them as the decor at her head table? The joy spread from both locations as her guests could get a closer look at each special arrangement. Most people don't get to see the finished art pieces that are wedding bouquets.

Arch Piece to Head Table

Budget Savvy Bride archway

 Bridal Bouquet as Decor

Budget Savvy Bride Head Table

Bridesmaids Bouquet as Table Centerpieces

 Budget Savvy Bride Bridesmaid Bouquets


Garlands are a trending piece of wedding decor. FiftyFlowers has a variety of premade options with various lengths. This is an easy and painless method of design for our budget-savvy brides. The wedding below used premade  Ruscus, Plumosa, and Sprengeri fern garland accented with stems of pink garden roses and purple mums. They decorated the sizable wooden swing with their ceremony garland at their reception as a fun spot for their guests to take pictures and share in the flowery bliss.

Budget-Savvy Bride Garland Archway

Budget-Savvy Bride Garland at Reception

Over the years, we've learned these tips and tricks as couples look for innovative ideas to stay within their budget. Re-using your wedding flowers from ceremony to reception will save you work time and money. That means you're making fewer centerpieces, food table decor, and, most importantly, arch and head table decor. DIY'ing your wedding is an incredible way to be present in every detail of your own wedding. It also creates a bond with those you've chosen to help you. Being a budget-savvy bride doesn't have to be boring or complicated. Take these ideas and transform your wedding into something spectacular.

Happy designing my amazing FiftyFlowers community!

Originally written by Mariah Hebbeln

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