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Winter In Bloom: The Best Winter Wedding Flower Themes

Kailee Palileo 25 Oct 2023
groom and bride holding bridal bouquet during winter wedding

Winter is no longer just a season of cold and dark days. It is now a season of new beginnings, fresh starts, and beautiful winter weddings in full bloom. Winter weddings offer a unique opportunity to showcase stunning florals that are not usually available in other seasons. From winter berries to pinecones, and holly leaves in green and white, winter flowers are charming and magical. They add an ethereal touch to the wedding and make the perfect seasonal backdrop to your celebration. In this post, we will be exploring the best winter wedding flower themes that will make your special day magical and unforgettable.

Winter Wedding Themes

All White Wedding Flowers

bride holding bridal bouquet with all white roses

What could be more enchanting than an all-white wedding theme? This theme is both simple and elegant, and it is a classic for winter weddings. An all-white bouquet adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit and creates a stunning bride contrasted with your white dress. You can feature white roses or white peonies with greenery for a timeless and chic look. White petals and white ribbons juxtaposed with dark greenery create a winter wonderland look that's surprisingly warm and inviting.

Deep Berry Toned Wedding Flowers

three purple mauve centerpieces in white vases

Deep winter berries and dark flowers create a dramatic and ultra-romantic winter wedding theme. It is perfect for a winter wedding, where the colors of the flowers can stand out against the subtle, wintry landscape outside. With the holiday season creeping in, dark red and burgundy florals may seem a bit expected, but they create an atmosphere that is warm, inviting, and distinct. Consider deep burgundy roses with winter greenery to achieve this theme.

Woodland Winter Flowers

bride and groom in the forest on their wedding day

The woodland winter theme is a perfect combination of rustic charm and elegance. It is perfect for couples looking to have a wedding that is unique, bold, and memorable. The woodland winter theme features forest greenery, twig accents, pinecones, and winter berries. It's perfect for brides who love all sorts of greenery and wanting to create a natural, earthy look. For this theme, you should stick with natural, earthy wood tones with shades of pinecones, twigs, and wild rustic berries.

White and Green Wedding Flowers

white and green table centerpieces in three white vases

Greenery and foliage are at the forefront of the modern bride's floral choices. The simplicity of pairing shades of green foliage with white flowers makes it perfect for a winter wedding. It's a sophisticated and simple look that will never go out of style. Pair a white floral arrangement with a lush green leafy garland for a understated winter feel. Add bold ferns, variegated potted palms, and different shades of green to complete this look.

Winter weddings are all about the beauty of nature, the magic of the season and the beauty of love. The winter flowers are creative, stunning, and unique. Whether you choose to stick to a classic all-white theme or play with darker elements like deep reds and burgundy, you can create the perfect winter wedding with these five themes.

Are you ready to turn your enchanting winter wedding dreams into a breathtaking reality? Step into the magical world of winter blooms and embark on a journey of floral wonderment. Schedule a personalized consultation with one of our talented floral professionals, who will guide you through a mesmerizing array of blooms, ensuring that your dream wedding becomes an unforgettable masterpiece. Let us bring your vision to life, infusing your special day with the beauty and elegance that only the allure of winter blooms can provide.


Featured Photo: Photographer- Elisabeth Cawthron @cawthronphoto, Venue- Bellevue Barn at Carlisle Place @bellevuebarn


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