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Tropical Wedding Inspiration for Weddings in Any Location

Kailee Palileo 30 May 2023
tropical wedding greenery hanging centerpieces

In previous years, I’ve known tropicals to be a common floral trend in more coastal locations or nautically themed weddings. With flowers like orchids, proteas, monstera leaves, and other flowers and greens naturally found in tropical climates being able to be grown easier than ever, there is a growing trend of flowers being incorporated in weddings beyond those previously stated weddings. And I can see why. Tropicals are heartier flowers, meaning they can handle the weather better than the average rose, dahlia, or peony. They do come at a higher price per stem, but they are also larger than most commercially grown flowers that we commonly know here in the United States, meaning your wedding won’t require as many stems. Some of the most common tropical flowers being used in weddings this year are anthuriums, orchids (phalaenopsis, cymbidium, and dendrobium) ginger, protea (king, queen, pincushion), monster, and other tropical leafy plants. 

If you’re looking to add some tropical vibes to your wedding, keep scrolling to get some fresh motivation from fellow FiftyFlowers and curated couples.

Elisabeth Cawthron Photography

This bride used these unique Blush Bride proteas in her snowy fall Montana wedding. Despite being from a different ecosystem, these proteas look stunning in the snow with the mix of eucalyptus, bahlia’s, and hanging amaranthus. 

This DIY bride complimented the vibe of her Florida venue with striking pink anthuriums and king proteas. By using white and pink babies breath, pampas grass, and garden roses as well, her arch had a sweeping dreamy vibe that would make anyone swoon. Mixing florals from different ecosystems gives your wedding flowers an elevated design and texture. 

Tolman Media Texas

The drama in this bouquet speaks for itself, and these pink ice proteas are the star of the show! Ashley is an avid DIY’er who is showing us how creative you can get with your wedding bouquets' lines and shape. 

For more inspiration, check out these stunning tropical inspired weddings from Brides Magazine!

Stepan Vrzala Photography Sasithon Photography Ryan Ray Photography Logan Cole Wedding Photography Lauren Orlowski Photography Lauren Kendall Photography Lauren Fair Photography

Tropicals have been a favorite floral element of mine for years, and it’s exciting to see the many ways our FiftyFlowers community has gotten creative with them. If you are looking to learn more about how to care for your tropical wedding flowers check out these videos on how to care for your fresh cut tropicals and then how to make those flowers and greens into a wedding bouquet. 

Happy DIY-ing!



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