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Perfect Color Palettes for Late Summer Weddings

Kailee Palileo 30 May 2023
white roses, burgundy scabiosa, and greenery in bouquet up close

As you’re planning your wedding, you’re making lots of little choices to set up how everything is going to be designed. You can choose an overall theme, but that doesn’t mean that you’re done once you’ve decided. One of the most basic and most important parts of planning your wedding is deciding what color palette to use. It’ll be wrapped into everything from napkins to flowers, so choosing your colors is a big deal.

At certain times of the year, it’s easier to choose a palette. Christmas weddings often go with red and greens and fall weddings might opt for more oranges and reds. Other times of the year can feel more difficult to pin down colors to match the season. Late summer is one of those for many brides-to-be, but don’t feel like the job is impossible if you’re going to be a late summer bride.

Check out some of these color palettes and see if any of them catch your eye. They can all be easily worked into a late summer wedding, no matter what your overall theme is. Once you’ve fallen in love with the right colors, you can get on to enjoying your big day instead of just stressing over it.

Emerald + Cream + Gold


This color palette will draw out the feelings of being in rural mountainside field during sunset. The emerald and cream complement each other by being more subtle shades, while gold is the color that will stand out on its own. Golds and greens are great for any summertime wedding because they draw from the blooming life that’s happening all around you.

Navy + Yellow + Blue


Late summer weddings are often by the sea, which is the perfect place to have colors like navy, yellow and blue. Navy against a light blue will mimic the natural colors of the ocean, and the yellow will draw from the sand and sun around it. This is a flexible palette since the second blue can be whatever shade you like.

Burgundy + Ivory + Sage


A color palette that will catch the eye without being too bright is burgundy, ivory and sage. It’s a very laid-back group of colors that will work well with the late summer season. Fall colors are more reserved, and this palette will lean well into the ending summer season.

Green + Navy + Gold


Another flexible palette is green, navy and gold. Navy and gold are shades that are pretty set in stone. There’s not a lot of variety with them, but you can change your shade of green to work with the palette and your wedding design. Outdoor weddings will look great with these colors because they’ll draw greens from nature and provide a bold pop of navy blue.

Champagne + Gold + Black


Champagne is coming back as one of the major color trends of 2023. It’s super chic and works with any season, especially summer. Make your wedding full of glitz and glamour with a champagne, gold and black color palette. Maximize your use of champagne and gold and use black as the accent color. There will be a royal vibe to your day just from your colors and you can layer it with decorations.

Peach + Sage + Light Blue

It used to be that brides wanted neutral color palettes to work with. Creams, whites and golds all blended together for a more modern look, but now color is coming back into play. Use pastel shades of peach and light blue wrapped around a sharp sage hue. Everything will still have a neutral tone to it, but the sage will easily tie in any floral accent pieces you use in your wedding.

Gold + Pink


When brides used to want to be daring, they went with gold and white as their wedding color combo. There’s nothing wrong with that, except there’s already so much white in weddings that it’s not much of a combo. Instead, look at gold and pink wedding ideas that will create a better layering look around the white that will already be present.

Lilac + Celery + White


More pastel colors that work well with the classic shade of wedding white are lilac and celery. Purple and green might clash together if they’re used in bright hues, so instead, turn down the intensity by opting for a more pastel shade. This palette will stand out well against green mountain backdrops or the red bricks of a city.

Yellow + Orange + Deep Green


Late summer is nearly fall, so there’s no reason why you can’t use fall colors if you’re more of an autumn bride at heart. Go bold with either yellow or orange, but not both, otherwise, they’ll clash. They’ll mix well with a deep green, like the last big celebration of life from plants before they give way to colder weather.

Lavender + Purple


If you can’t decide on multiple colors, don’t worry — you don’t have to! Try mixing different shades of the same color together. Lavender and a lighter or darker purple look effortless together, plus it’s an elegant color that can be used in a variety of places; from the gowns, florals and decor. Elegance is a perfect tone for any wedding, especially if you’re looking for something more extravagant and regal.

Picking the color palette for your wedding is a big decision since it’s going to help drive your theme and it’s what’s going to be most noticeable in almost all your pictures. Color sets the tone and mood of the evening before any part of the ceremony starts.

Try to decide what vibes you want your wedding to have since that will help you narrow down your list of possible colors. The last step is easy. You just have to go with your gut! When you find the right color palette, you’ll know. Like with your dress, you won’t need any neon signs pointing to the right choice. The right palette will make you happy at first sight and keep that happiness going until the last moment of your wedding day.

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