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Blooms of Love: The Mesmerizing Beauty of Flowers in an Early Fall Wedding

Kailee Palileo 15 Aug 2023
orange, white, yellow, and blue bridal and bridesmaids bouquets

As the air turns crisper and leaves begin to don their golden hues, there's an undeniable sense of magic in the atmosphere—an enchantment that perfectly sets the stage for an early fall wedding. In this blog, we delve into the captivating world of an early fall wedding with a predominantly orange color palette, where every detail becomes a brushstroke painting a portrait of love and beauty.

Imagine a celebration where nature's transition mirrors the journey of love, and where a vibrant orange color scheme ignites warmth, passion, and a deep sense of connection. Lush greenery, an array of orange flowers, and pops of blue come together for this DIY couple's dream day. They used their love of bright colors to design this bohemian summer wedding. A little tropical and a little untamed, the creative use of greenery echoes the playful and adventurous nature of their courtship. The fluffy ranunculus, unique rose varieties, and height of the Veronicas add beautiful texture and complete this lovely outdoor Oregon affair. We have flowers to help you create the wedding of your dreams, no matter what your style is.

The Significance of Orange:

Orange is a color that effortlessly blends the vibrancy of red with the cheerfulness of yellow, creating a hue that symbolizes joy, enthusiasm, and creativity. It is a color that reflects the changing leaves of fall, reminding us of the fleeting nature of time and the need to cherish each moment. When embraced in a wedding color scheme, orange adds a rich layer of meaning, celebrating the excitement of new beginnings and the ardor of two souls embarking on a lifelong journey together.

family member with bride and groom while bride holds bridal bouquet
bride and groom walking away from wedding floral garland arch and alter
Early Fall Wedding

Venue Selection:

Selecting the right venue is crucial to enhancing the beauty of an early fall wedding with an orange color palette. This couple chose the perfect outdoor scenery to match their early fall orange color scheme. The natural surrounding harmonize beautifully with the orange, creating an ambiance that is both inviting and breathtaking.


The bride and groom made a deliberate and stylish choice for their wedding party attire by opting for stunning shades of blue. This careful decision added a remarkable and memorable touch to their entire wedding celebration. The choice of blue attire seamlessly harmonized with the dominant orange color scheme, creating a striking and visually appealing contrast that elevated the overall aesthetic.

bride surrounded by her bridesmaids bouquets
Early Fall Wedding

Selecting the Perfect Blooms:

This stunning bridal bouquet features a variety of orange and white blooms, with a hint of blue. Flowers such as garden roses, scabiosa, veronica, and ranunculus come in various shades of orange and white while thistle is used for a touch of blue. By combining different textures and tones, you can create a dynamic and visually striking display that complements the natural beauty of the surroundings.

In this realm where nature's palette meets the passion of your love, the possibilities are as boundless as the autumn sky. Embrace the allure of an early fall wedding with an orange color scheme and let it paint your celebration with hues of joy, warmth, and love. Your story is a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled—join us in making it a reality.

Ready to make your early fall wedding an unforgettable masterpiece? Schedule a consultation with our expert floral team today! We'll guide you in selecting your own orange themed blooms. Together, we'll weave an enchanting tale that will linger in your hearts forever.


Event Planner: Emily Head, Photographer: Anne Fischer Photography, Videographer: Katelyn Sorensen/Katey Rose Creative, Caterer: The God of Pizza and bride's family, Dress Designer: Pritchett Bridal, Groom Attire: Men's Wearhouse, Band: David Wilkins/Star Production DJs, Rentals: Incredible events/Scott


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06 Sep 2023 José Luis Jiménez Cevallos

I love how the couple incorporated shades of blue into their attire. It creates such a striking contrast with the orange theme, making everything pop!

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