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Garden Rose Care Tips

Christina Felt 23 Jun 2022
Garden Rose Care Tips

Congratulations! Your garden roses have shipped and will arrive very soon! Garden roses possess a classic charm and can have quite a long life as a cut flower, especially if you care for them correctly.  Follow these steps and you’ll be able to enjoy and experience these flowers like an expert. 

First, open the box and remove each bunch.  You’ll notice that each bunch is bundled in a cardboard sleeve — make sure you leave the sleeve on.  The cardboard will help prevent the heavy rose heads from drooping while they rehydrate.  Flip the bunches and count the stems — garden roses are packed in staggered bunches to avoid overcrowding, so it’s important you count the stems for accuracy.


 Step 1) While keeping the cardboard in place (up to 24 hours), remove any other packaging, including plastic wrap or paper.

 Step 2) Fill a clean bucket or vase with fresh, room-temperature water.  Fill with just enough water to cover the bottom portion of the stems (3-4 inches).  Optional: Add packets of flower food to the water.


Pro tip: Flower food prevents bacteria buildup in the water and provides additional nutrients to the flowers which can increase their lifespan. 

 Step 3) Using one hand, gently strip the stems of leaves that will fall below the water line in your bucket.


Pro Tip: Leaves left sitting in water can increase bacteria and shorten the lifespan of roses. 

 Step 4) Using a clean knife, scissors, or floral shears, trim approximately 1 inch off the bottom of the stems at an angle.


Pro Tip: Trimming the stems at an angle maximizes the surface area and increases water absorption.

Step 5) Immediately after trimming the stems, place the roses into your prepared bucket or vase.


Pro Tip: Don’t overcrowd your flowers in the buckets. Overcrowding decreases air flow and can cause rapid bacterial growth, which will minimize the flowers’ lifespan. 

 Step 6) Store the bucket or vase in a cool, dark room that is free from hot or cold drafts and direct sunlight.  Let the roses rehydrate here with the cardboard intact for a minimum of 6 hours; ideally keep the cardboard in place for 24 hours.  

 Step 7) Remove the cardboard sleeve and any rubber bands from each bunch and remove any brown or discolored petals.


Pro Tip: Garden roses are shipped with “guard petals” in place, which helps protect the soft inner petals during shipping. Simply remove any discolored petals after the roses have rehydrated — it’s not uncommon to remove anywhere from 5-10 petals per bloom. 


 Step 8) Replace water with fresh, room-temperature water every 24-48 hours (or as needed) and cut flower stems as needed. 

Important Care Information

It’s important to check the roses’ water level and add additional water throughout the day as needed.  Roses will drink an exceptionally large amount of water when they first arrive. Make sure to change the water daily.

  • Remove the roses first, then pour the old water out
  • Rinse and sanitize your bucket/vase and refill it with 3-4 inches of fresh, room temperature water  
  • Re-trim the stems of the roses at an angle, and place them back into the bucket or vase.


    If you need to force blooming for a special occasion, expose your garden roses to a warmer environment, like near a sunny window or outside if the temperature is warm (more than 65 degrees F), and replace existing water with warm water.  

    Care Insight: Warmth encourages flowers to open more quickly.  Make sure the water you use is no warmer than 110 degrees — hot water will damage the stems, minimizing the garden roses’ lasting ability.   Warmth encourages flowers to open more quickly.

    If you need to slow down the blooming process, store your garden roses in a cool location, such as the refrigerator, a cooler or a dark, cool closet or basement. 

    This guide is intended to give you the tools you need to fulfill your flower vision! Take pride in your creation.  We’d love to see your floral creation and so would the community! Share photos of your creative work and inspire others by sharing your masterpiece through your Flower Story.

    We hope you enjoy your garden roses! Remember, if you have any questions about cut flower care please call FiftyFlowers Customer Service at 877-507-6737.  We’re here to help you bloom!


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