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Hand-Picked Wildflower Wedding Bouquet

Summer is here, it's time to embrace the beauty of nature and celebrate the season with a touch of whimsy and charm. This year, one trend that is set to capture the hearts of flower enthusiasts and event planners alike is the wildflower bouquet. Check out how you can make your very own wildflower bouquet!

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Fall Flowers for Thanksgiving: 4 Unique Ways to Style Your Table

As you decorate your front porch with pumpkins, and hang beautiful fall garlands from your mantle and stairway for Thanksgiving, there's one place in your house that you can't forget to decorate... your dining room table! Read more about how to style your Thanksgiving table!

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Hardy vs. Delicate Flowers: Which Is Best For You?

The flower CEO herself speaks about hardy and delicate flowers. With her many years of experience, she will dive into the details of what flowers are hardy, what flowers are delicate, and which is best for your special occasion. Read more advise from the flower CEO on hardy versus delicate flowers!

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Beautiful Ways to Use Baby’s Breath in Your Wedding

Baby’s breath, or Gypsophila, has always been known throughout the floral world as a cheap filler flower. Thus florists never missed a chance to tuck the delicate sprigs of baby’s breath into every bouquet and vase arrangement. Baby's breath is not only budget-friendly, but it is readily available and long-lasting.

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What To Expect From Your Wedding Consultation

When it comes to creating stunning floral arrangements and bringing your floral vision to life, the expertise and guidance of professionals can make all the difference. That's where FiftyFlowers comes in—a trusted name in the world of flowers.

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Flower Spotlight: Designing with Dahlias

Dahlias, renowned for their captivating beauty, have traditionally been limited to a few months each year. However, breaking the boundaries of seasonal availability, we are now offering a selection of...

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Flower Spotlight: Sophisticated Sweet Peas

With spring in full force, we decided to highlight one of April's birth month flowers, sweet peas! Sweet peas are known for their sweet fragrance and their ruffled look. Read more about these perfect spring blooms!

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