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DIY Red, White, and Blue Holiday Bouquets

Kailee Palileo 02 Jun 2023
red roses, blue hydrangea, and white mum flower arrangement up close

With the holiday weekend fast approaching, I wanted to share with you some quick ideas on how to make your tablescape come together in a snap. I know that for many of us, this holiday has fallen into a peculiar time in our American history, and so many of us will be celebrating in ways we never thought of. No matter the size of your gathering, creating a look like this will help you get in the holiday spirit. 

I’ve created two looks. One tablescape incorporated  the All American Firework Bouquet, which was a featured FlowerFix bouquet. The second look is something that was made in our Bloom Studio. These red, white, and blue flowers you can find in constant supply at FiftyFlowers or your local flower seller. Since blue flowers are not grown in as high quantity as red and white flowers, I evened the color palette by using a dark blue vase, as you can see in both pictures. . 

When I create a look using flowers in shades of Red, White, and Blue, there are three staple flowers I use that are included in the All-American Firework Bouquet. A classic blue flower I love to use is the Volkenfrieden Delphinium. Its hue is almost identical to the blue on the flag. Of course, when I create a centerpiece or any arrangement with an American theme, I use the classic Freedom Red Rose. This rose is as iconic as the flag itself, being a symbol of deep love and admiration, which is an intention I set when I’m designing. And then to add a touch of excitement, for my white flowers, I love to use Daisy White Spray Dahlia Style Flower. These remind me of the spectacular fireworks displays, which are also my favorite part of the holiday. 

To create my DIY bouquet, I kept it very simple to show you how easily and affordable this look was. In a cobalt blue gathering vase, one you could easily find at your local flower shop or thrift store. Watch along with the video to see just how I design this red, white and blue arrangement. The flowers I used were the Forever Young Red Rose, the Polar Star White Rose, and the Deep Ocean Blue Delphiniums, that’s it! 

Arrangements like these are the perfect accent for the center of a kitchen island, buffet table, or centerpiece. Get creative with your flowers! I added flags to mine to add that extra touch of American spirit. You can create this look in a multitude of vases, sizes and shapes, your only restriction is your own imagination. Be sure to set your heartfelt intentions while you create and as you cherish time spent with friends and family. 

Have a safe and healthy holiday!

Originally written by Mariah Hebbeln


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