Deluxe DIY Flower Design Tool Kit

Deluxe DIY Flower Design Tool Kit

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Deluxe DIY Flower Design Tool Kit

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Why You'll love the Deluxe DIY Flower Design Tool Kit

At long last, the flower design kit that has everything you could need has arrived — FiftyFlowers' Deluxe DIY Flower Design Tool Kit! This kit is excellent for preparing flowers of any event for reaching their full potential in beauty and longevity. This flower arrangement kit contains bunch cutters for trimming flowers stems and unwanted extraneous limbs, a floral knife for precision cuts and alterations, Crowning Glory preservative spray for your beautiful blooms, liquid Floralife Express flower food to encourage longer-lasting lovely flowers, a flower stripper to remove undesirable thorns and leaves from flower stems, Chrysal Leafshine for brightening up your foliage and greenery, 1/4 inch clear tape, three rolls of 1/2 inch green tape, floral adhesive — excellent for DIY corsages, boutonnieres, and DIY flower crowns — and 22 gauge paddle wire for affixing flowers and wedding flower arrangements in a variety of ways. This flower kit has everything you could ever need for arranging and event preparation.

  • Easy to use, top rated professional floral supply kit bundled up in sizes perfect for your event
  • Each kit will be shipped directly to your doorstep
  • Non-perishable supplies are ground shipped and may arrive prior to the delivery date you select. Please take this into consideration when choosing your delivery date and shipping address.

Each product included in this kit has a specific purpose. Included with this kit is:

  • Bunch Cutter: For arrangements made with unique textures and branches, make cutting the stems of your filler and branches easy and timely with the Bunch Cutter. The stainless steel blades make for a durable tool that’s easy and comfortable to use again and again.
  • Floral Knife: A floral knife is a designers best friend to help cut stems quicker than you can with bunch cutters. 
  • Flower Stripper: this flower tool is used to remove leaves and thorns from flower stems, primarily roses, to make the flower easier to design with and to protect yourself as you handle the flowers. 
  • Crowning Glory: This liquid spray is a preservative that is used to lock in the freshness of your floral design. 
  • Liquid Floralife Express: Increase the vitality of your fresh flowers for the best possible look at you event by using FloraLife Express Floral Food to bring out the best of your flowers and avoid wilting, browning, and premature bud opening before your event.
  • Leafshine: 4 oz Chrysal Leafshine adds an instant natural gloss to leaves of plants and cut foliage in floral bouquets. It removes water spots and calcium deposits and it gives a protective shiny layer which keeps dust away. Furthermore, the evaporation of water is reduced, which will prolong the life time of the plants and cut foliage. It is a ready to use spray and dries quickly.
  • 1/4" Clear Tape: This tape is used to assist with floral mechanics and creating grids to helps secure your flowers in any vase. 
  • 1/2" Green Tape (3 rolls): For an easy creation process for all of your arrangements, use Waterproof Tape to fix their stems together. Simply start to place the tape on your surface, tug tightly, and continue to wrap, allowing the tape to stick to itself and hold everything in place with superior strength. Strong and unaffected by moisture, the tape will make sure your event goes smoothly and without the concern of arrangements breaking apart.
  • Floral adhesive: Perfect for pomanders, corsages, and floral crowns. This adhesive will help fasten your flowers to any wristlet, flower crown, or floral foam for bouquets, centerpiecces or boutonnieres that won't budge. OASIS® Floral Adhesive allows you to design exciting floral arrangments and trust that they won't fall apart during your event.
  • 22 gauge paddle wire: Perfect for creating beautiful and sturdy arrangements. Simply wrap the wire around the stems of flowers to make them sturdy and then secure other stems to the arrangement or secure the arrangement to the decoration you are going to be attaching it to, cut with durable wire cutters. The dark green color makes it virtually unnoticeable which will add an aesthetic and natural look to unique and new arrangments.


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