Wine Wedding

I love summer and flowers, but my husband and I were eager to start our married lives together, so we decided to get married the first week of March. Because the landscape of Illinois in early March is nothing to brag about, it was important to me add beauty to our event with flowers. I had every intention of doing my own flowers (I'd taken a few floral design workshops and done a practice bouquet with grocery store flowers before I pulled the trigger on ordering from Fifty Flowers), but when a friend offered to do them for me, I decided it might be for the best to have one less thing on my plate. I was so happy with this package. The garden roses were especially lovely. The team at Fifty Flowers was great, they called me and confirmed my event date and suggested the best delivery date. I had such a good experience with this company that I used them when my boss asked me at the LAST minute to order roses for Mother's Day. Customer service was able to help me find a variety that would be able to be shipped the next day. Wish I had another event coming up that needed flowers so I would get to put them together myself!

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