Win - Win - Win

Easter 2020 was approaching, and we were not allowed to attend Holy Week services because of Minnesota state rules that prohibited church gatherings. I wanted to cheer up some family members and friends whom I wouldn't get a chance to see because of the Novelcoronavirus. It saddened me to read (on a FiftyFlowers email) of rose growers tossing their beautiful flowers in the garbage because of a lack of buyers but thought that a silver lining would be to order and arrange flowers to give to others for Easter Sunday-- people I'd usually see at church on Easter Sunday and family members who under normal circumstances would have been over for brunch that day. I decided to order a medium box of miscellaneous colored roses and one of white ones, as well.
It was a blast arranging those gorgeous roses. I cut greens from my boxwood bushes to frame the roses and was so pleased with the results. What fun it was to play with such beautiful roses, and then to make "social distance deliveries." I made a large white arrangement and brought it over to my church as a side piece for the live-streamed masses, and it was enormous.
Everyone who received an Easter centerpiece raved about how pretty each was! I heard reports of them lasting a long time, too. (I only wished that I'd taken picture of all of the arrangements, instead of just a few of them.) The flowers definitely added more joy to an already joyful day. I had plenty of leftovers to decorate my prayer area in my kitchen. Between the growers, me, and my friends and family members who received flowers, I'd like to think of it as a win-win-win, given the difficult pandemic circumstances. Thanks, FiftyFlowers, for suggesting these "Save the Growers" assortments.

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